Apeshit Originals: Into The Metavoid

Web3 culture should not be co-opted by corporations attempting to colonize web3 and convert the open web into a proprietary walled garden.

NFT Wearables

Every holder will receive 4 non-physical items. An NFT void-beanie wearable, tracksuit, set of headphones, and nihilistic T-shirt. Dropping in 2022.

Apeshit Labs

Apeshit Labs will fund independent creators, researchers and makers who are dedicated to an open Web3.

Ongoing Decentralized Experiences

We will offer ongoing exclusive access and aidrops for NFT holders. There will be trolling.

This Is Apeshit Labs. We Are The Punk Metaverse.

We are at a critical juncture. Web3 promises to fundamentally transform our relationship to technology, one another and the institutions that govern us. While there are benefits to unfettered access to information by centralized authorities, it has led to unintended consequences which have undermined democracy. We believe that decentralization will enable autonomy of thought, expression and action while protecting the rights of every person online.

Web3 is an ecosystem that should be built, owned and governed by its users. This movement empowers people to craft their own experiences with technology outside the constraints of any particular central authority or middleman. It is about ensuring everyone has full ownership over their digital lives. It is about empowering communities to build a fair and open web.

Web3 is the standard for a free, decentralized internet where the users shape the future of how we live online. We believe in an inclusive and permissionless ecosystem where everyone is welcome to participate.

We believe in free speech and an open web for everyone. Web3 technologies should not be limited to just those with the resources and platform to develop, host and distribute apps on top of the proprietary infrastructure.

We stand for a more distributed future where users have the freedom to own their data and build upon it as they see fit.

The community will continue to be vigilant in defending the open, free Web3 that unlock human potential from those who want to lock up digital technology for themselves alone.

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